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Park City Real Estate Market Remains Strong

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Oct 08, 2019

A question we get quite frequently is whether the market is going to see a recession soon. We wish we had a crystal ball and were able to answer this question. In the past few years we have seen properties appreciate up to 13 percent per year in a lot of areas in and around Park City. Currently, we may not see the same hikes, but instead, prices are stable. Properties are still moving in all price ranges. In fact, in the past couple of months we have seen properties move in price ranges we rarely see activity in. River Meadows Ranch sold for $32 million, a $25 million Deer Valley ski home went into escrow within two weeks on the market and several people are buying multiple million dollar new-construction condominiums simply to combine them to one large luxury residence.

The Park City market is for sure very different from other real estate markets. We do see a lot of cash purchases and many sellers are not in the need to sell or discount their properties.

Over the past few months we have come across some interesting articles on,, Business Insider and

Is it better to invest into real estate instead of the stock market?

The Dow Jones has gone from a low of 6,469 in March of 2009 to 26,599 in the end of June 2019. In the recent months, we have seen buyers enter the Park City market with the long-term investment set mind to avoid the day-to-day stock market volatility.

Of the five potential options suggested by Forbes for investing in a volatile stock market, real estate financed with fixed-rate debt may protect investors against rising interest rates. Long-term rental properties can certainly perform well during an inflationary period. People always need a place to live. On the other hand, while not a lot of nightly-rental properties in Park City generate a return of 6 percent or higher, most of them do cover all expenses and owners tend to cash-in on long-term appreciation.

We hope you found this information helpful. Please contact us at 435.640.6996 if you have any questions about the Park City real estate market, or if you or anyone you know may be looking to invest into a property prior to winter. We appreciate your business.

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Park City Real Estate Market Update

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Sep 30, 2019

The second and third quarter market reports confirmed that the overall year-over-year housing statistics for Summit and Wasatch Counties continued to show healthy appreciation with increases in both average and median sales prices as well as dollar volume as reported by the Park City Board of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service.

The greater Park City market in general continues to show great stability in single family homes. Despite an 8% drop in number of homes sold, the median sale price rose 14% year over year. During the same period in 2018, the median sale price gained 13%, indicating a sustained period of steady, consistent growth. Nationally prices grew at a steady 5% during the same period, with Idaho (11.4%), Utah (7.7%) and Tennessee (7.2%) showing the highest increases year over year.

Condominium and vacant land sales did not fare as well with condominium sales volume down 6% and land sales down 21%, despite respectable gains in median sale price of 4% and 6% respectively.

Inventory hits its annual peak level during summer. Going into fall, buyers will be challenged to find variety in the currently available inventory in all segments of the market. The resale market in general remains strong, buoyed by increasing costs to build driven by rises in both materials and labor. Custom homes now cost between $500-600/sq. ft. to build and can take as long as 16-24 months to complete, making the resale market more attractive for some buyers. New school facilities in south Summit and Wasatch counties are making homes there even more attractive to home buyers with younger children.

Real estate in the Wasatch Back consists of highly segmented markets with nuances that vary significantly from one neighborhood to another and one house to another. Comparisons are hard to read on paper due to the unique features of individual properties, such as views, amenities, condition, style, location, age, and inventory.

Please reach out to The Park City Investor Team at 435.640.6966 for a more detailed analysis of your specific property needs.  

Park City Real Estate Market: 2016 Summary

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Jan 01, 2017

The market stats for 2016 are in. Overall, the Greater Park City and Heber Valley real estate market is continuing its climb and returning to its previous 2007 Records in some areas. Sales volume, median sales prices, and the number of listings are up in most areas. This is in-line with a similar state-wide trend. Utah is one of the top states in the country when it comes to home price appreciation. While Utah experienced a 9.5 percent home price appreciation in 2016, the Park City Multiple Listing experienced an even greater appreciation of 15 percent, with median prices rising in all four major areas. Prior years saw an average of 7.5 percent increase in price per year. Reason for this is that both local and statewide economies are becoming more diverse.

While total sales volume in the greater Park City area topped $1.7 billion in 2016, we are still feeling a sting of low inventory. Even though inventory was up 4.5 percent it is still not enough to meet demand. As a result we are seeing a lot of home buyers drawn to put in reservations for one of the many new lodging developments being built in Deer Valley, at Canyons Village and around town. High demand and low inventory are the main reasons that appreciation was up to double digits in some neighborhoods. As a result, we are starting to see buyer resistance to pricing in some of the popular neighborhoods such as Silver Springs.

Single Family Homes

The number of home sales in Lower Deer Valley has doubled with a 15 percent increase to just under $2 million. While sales prices in Old Town and Park Meadows grew to $1.48 and $1.59 the sales volume in both areas are down. In Jeremy Ranch we have seen 52 home sales which is about one per week with a median price of $922,000. Trailside had a 35 percent increase in sales and saw a 13 percent increase in median price to $723,000. The Heber Valley remains a hot market. 359 homes sold last year (triple of what sold in 2015!) for a median sales price of $349,000. 40 percent of Midway homes are now second homes.


Old Town experienced the most condominium sales, with 118, at a median price of $568,000, a 26 percent rise. We also saw strong sales at Canyons Village and in Pinebrook. Condos at the Canyons averaged 10 sales per month with a 53 percent jump in median price to $615,000. Pinebrook had 63 sales with a median price steady at $437,000. Condominium sales in the Jordanelle area experienced a 28 percent increase in volume of sales, at a median price of $479,000.

Low inventory coupled with increasing median sales prices suggests that it's an ideal time to consider selling your property. Our market is complex and both trends and data can differ significantly between neighborhoods. Contact Steve today at 435-640-6966 to discuss how your home value is affected by these market trends or how spring may just be the perfect time for you to list your home or look for a new home.

Park City Real Estate Market 2016 - Park City LimitsPark City Real Estate Market 2016 - Snyderville BasinPark City Real Estate Market 2016 - Heber ValleyAverage Time to sell Property in Park City Utah 2016

Promontory Real Estate

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Jul 20, 2016

Promontory real estate is still THE most popular golf community and best selling neighborhood in the greater Park City area. With over 55 properties sold this year and currently an additional 38 property listings under contract, Promontory is quickly surpassing last years sales numbers of approximately $113 million (1/1 - 7/20/15).

Promontory is an eleven square mile mountain sanctuary offering luxury lifestyle away from all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.  State of the Art amenities include: two championship golf courses; fifty miles of trails; an Outfitters Cabin; the Alpine ski lodge in Deer Valley; a Kids Cabin; an Equestrian Center; the Ranch Club house with fitness center, spa, pools and sports shop; the Dye Clubhouse with Grill and golf shop; the Nicklaus Clubhouse as well as the well-known Shed Clubhouse with bowling, movie theater, art studio, basketball arena, amphitheater, store, post office and bar/grill. Amenities set to open at Promontory summer 2017: Promontory Beach Club and a Conservancy's new recreation lake and adjacent playing field as well as a tubing hill.

Values at Promontory are still extraordinary with recent homes trading in the $400-500/square foot range while comparable high end second home markets sell for a lot more. For example Aspen $2,500 sq ft. or Vail $1,500/sq ft.

To celebrate the success Promontory now offers great buyer incentives on all remaining developer products. Incentives include fully sponsored club memberships, club credits, paid dues etc..

Contact Promontory Real Estate Specialist Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966 to receive more information about properties at Promontory.

The greater Park City area has the highest density of championship golf courses in the country. Other golf communities in the Park City area include:

Canyons Village I Glenwild I Hideout Canyon I Jeremy Ranch I Park Meadows I Red Ledges I Tuhaye I Victory Ranch

Park City Mid-Year Market Report 2016

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
May 04, 2016

We have reached the mid-year mark and I would like to give you a short update on how the Park City real estate market is doing so far this year.

While total sales volume has increased across our three major market segments, the number of transactions overall has dropped year-over-year (YOY) based on our 12 month rolling average. Well-priced properties continue to be absorbed quickly, while sellers who are being bullish are waiting longer to achieve their pricing goals. Listing inventories increased across most neighborhoods considered 'primary', however, our inventory continues to remain low. Price appreciation is healthy when measured against both average and median prices. Our market is highly segmented, so please contact me if you have questions regarding your specific neighborhood.


Within the Park City Limits, the total sales volume increased 11% to $377.3 million and the median sold price increased 19% to $1,582,000. We have seen a sales drop in Old Town (17%) and Prospector (29%), but an increase in sales transactions in Empire Pass (41%), Upper Deer Valley (8%) and Thaynes Canyon (20%)

In the Snyderville Basin, the total number of homes sold dropped 6% with a total of 338 home sales. The sales volume increased 16% from $437.6 million to $505.8 million. The new median price shows a 10% increase and now sits at $938,500.  We have seen the most significant increase in the number of sales in the Snyderville Basin with an increase of 25% in transactions. Promontory has seen a 7% increase in transactions and a 19% increase in median price to $1,850,000.

Jordanelle continued to be an attractive area, with a 39% increase in the number of home sales. In total, 39 homes were sold this period resulting in a 79% increase in volume. As a result, the median price jumped 42% from $838,132 to $1,190,000.

The Heber Valley is extremely active with a 35% increase in the number of sales. 311 homes were sold with a total volume of $150.6 million which is a whopping 49% increase. This drove the median price up 16% to just under $400,000.


Sales of condominiums within Park City Limits showed a 27% drop in total number of sales to 285 with a similar drop in volume from $366.7 to $288 million (a 21% drop.) Despite this drop in the number of transactions, the median price rose 18% to $660,000.

Snyderville Basin: The total number of sales increased 21%, with 369 sales in the past 12 months. Total volume increased 33% during the same period for a total of $181 million. This drove the median price up 12% to $429,000.The majority of this increase occurred at Canyons Village, where transactions rose 22%. With 110 transactions, the median in this area rose 39% to $542,000.

Strong demand in the Heber Valley resulted in an 84% increase in total number of sales: there were 35 sales this past year versus 19 the prior year. Total volume more than doubled, with $9.5 million in total sales, a 105% increase year over year. The median price rose 8% to $222,000. Midway/Charleston showed the greatest increase, with 67% bump in the number of transactions. The 30 sales in this period resulted in $8.3 million in sales; the median condominium price is now $277,500, up 37%.


Within Park City Limits, the number of land sales dropped 32% to a total of 25 homesites with a median price of $750,000 - largely due to the low inventory. In the Snyderville Basin, the number of transactions was flat, however, the median increased 29% to $412,000. The Canyons saw the greatest increase in the number of transactions, with a 41% increase. The 24 sales there drove the median up 19% to $1,900,000, with the majority of these transactions occurring at The Colony at White Pine Canyon. Glenwild/Silver Creek were also active in lot sales, with a 26% increase in the number of transactions.The Jordanelle area has been extremely active particularly in land sales, where the number of transactions increased 118% YOY. The $36 million in total sales represents a 205% increase over the prior year, driving the median price up 54% to $320,000.

In the Heber Valley, sales of lots dropped slightly, while the median increased 5% to $205,000.

For more detailed information on your neighborhood or a free comparable market analysis contact Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966.

Park City Real Estate - Market Stats - Sales 2016 Park City Real Estate Market Report 2016 - Absorption Rates Park City Market Report 2016

Park City Real Estate Market - Quick Market Update - 1st Quarter 2016!

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
May 03, 2016

The Park City median sales prices are currently up 13 percent across all three major market segments: Park City Proper, Snyderville Basin and Heber City. We therefore are starting to see price resistance in some neighborhoods due to slower market absorption. In fact the number of closed sales in the first quarter of 2016 was down 13.8 percent from 2015. *data pulled from pcmls.*

Here in Park City, we’re still seeing neighborhoods with very tight inventory. This means if you list your home for sale, it will likely sell quickly and possibly above asking price. In other neighborhoods, sales are slowing down and home prices are lower than they were last year, or leveling off.

Interest rates are set to stay low for the rest of the year making it attractive for buyers to invest. On the other hand it increases the number of buyers looking at your home for sale.

Hot markets that did not see a dip in the number of sales: Upper Deer Valley with its finished Stein Eriksen Residences; Prospector; Canyons Village; Kimball Junction; Jordanelle area and the Heber Valley.

Now is a good time to sell. If you’re thinking about selling your home or would like to know what your home is worth, call KW Real Estate Broker Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966.

Park City Real Estate - Market Statistics - 2nd Quarter 2015

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Aug 11, 2015

Summer is in full swing. We are enjoying the wonderful weather hiking, biking, boating or one of the many outdoor concerts and events. Vail is installing new lifts and building new lodges as part of their one year, $50 million investment combining Park City and Canyons Resort into the largest ski resort in the US. Furthermore, Deer Valley has closed on their purchase of Solitude, and ONE Wasatch effort to unite all six resorts continues to move forward. All in all, its a very exciting time.

Along with that we are happy to announce that the number of closed sales and total dollar volume for this first half of 2015 are the highest since 2007. While prices are certainly not back to the market highs of 2007 our market is steady. The total number of closed sales, year-to-date, for the entire market area was nine percent higher than the first two quarters of 2014 and was the highest first half of any year since 2007. Along with that, the total dollar volume was up 11 percent and the median sales price continued to trend upward on a gentle curve in most areas. In fact today's median sales price is the same as June 2006 and July 2010.

INVENTORY: Following the national trend, inventory levels throughout Park City are still very low, with only 1,170 total listings available as of June 30, down 8.5 percent from 1,270 in 2014. At this current absorption rate we have a 6.6 month supply.

PENDED SALES: For the first 6 months of the year, pended sales reached their highest level since 2006 with just over 900 contracts written.

SINGLE FAMILY HOME SALES: The median sales price for a single family home within the city limits has remained close to $1.34 million over the past twelve months, while the average price has actually come down 11 percent. Overall sales in the Prospector neighborhood increased significantly with an increase of 89 percent in transactions, almost double the number of sales compared to the previous four quarters. Sales price climbed eight percent, reaching $700,000.

CONDOMINIUM TRENDSCondominium sales are up nine percent over the previous 12 months and we have seen a 14 percent overall increase in median sales price in the entire market area. Again, sales in Prospector had the highest jump in number of sales, also with a median sales price increase reaching $132,000. Lower Deer Valley is showing signs of recovery with more than double the number of sales along with a 15 percent median sales price increase to $735,000. The Canyons area, with its wide-ranging property types, was up 41 percent in the number of sales over the previous four quarters with a median sales price of $389,000. Jeremy Ranch showed an increase of activity with 58 percent more sales than the previous four quarters and a price increase to $535,000.

VACANT LAND SALES:  The number of Vacant Land sales for the entire market area was slightly higher than the previous four quarters and lot prices increased 10 percent in median sales price. The Jordanelle area continued to grow with lot sales up 21 percent.

GOLF COMMUNITIES: With 75 closed transactions since January, Promontory had the highest number of sales with a median sales price of about $1.56 million. Red Ledges is also going strong with 43 closed sales.

If you own property, this might be a very good time to get a market analysis to consider your options. Our market is showing a good solid, steady growth. Inventory remains very tight. For those looking to buy, multiple offers are still quite common in high demand neighborhoods so it is important to be well qualified and responsive.

Park City Real Estate Market Update - First Quarter 2015

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
May 20, 2015

Looking back at the first four months of real estate transactions  in the greater Park City real estate we continue to see an increase in pricing while inventory levels remain at historic lows. As a result of strong sales and happy guests there were only 1,017 total properties available – 360 single family homes, 411 condominiums and 327 lots. (April 1, 2015).

This march we saw the highest number of pended sales since 2006 with condominium sales being up 18%. Closed sales also saw double digit growth and were 11.5% higher than 2014 with an average 17% increase in sales price compared to last year.

SINGLE FAMILY TRENDS: Within the Park City limits, the number of single family transactions decreased 8% with volume was down 17%. However, the median price rose from $1,300,000 to $1,600,000 for a 23% increase. Overall sales in the Snyderville Basin increased significantly, with a 21% increase in transactions, 74% increase in volume and 31% increase in median prices, which rose to $963,000 from 2014’s median of $735,000.

CONDOMINIUM TRENDS: Condominium sales were down slightly in Park City proper, with a 3% decrease in transitions. Overall volume increased 9% while the media decreased from $712,250 to $680,000. Interestingly enough, the average condominium price increased 13% to $1,205,305. In the Snyderville Basin, the most dramatic increases occurred at the Canyons where the number of transactions doubled from 11 to 22. While volume increased 145%, the median price fell 9% from $399,000 to $362,500. Notable increases in condominium sales volume were noted in Pinebrook, with 11 sales versus 7 during the same period last year.

LAND SALES TRENDS: Land sales are extremely limited within Park City proper as we are near build-out. There were just 7 land sales, up from 3 the prior year with the median price dropping 38% to $589,000. Decreases were also noted in the Snyderville Basin, with a 12% decrease in transactions and a 29% decrease in median price to $273,000.

NEW CONSTRUCTION: For the second year in a row, construction is booming in Summit County. First-quarter data from the county's building department shows 181 building permits issued from January through March, which represents a 47-percent jump from the same period last year. It is a 99-percent increase compared to 2013.

We look forward to our transition to a "Two Resort" town: Vail Resorts is already underway with construction on the gondola connection between Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons as well as the yet-to-be renamed Snow Hut Restaurant.NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO LIST YOUR PROPERTY With the spring selling season well underway, low inventory continues to be our biggest story. Depending on when you purchased your property, this is likely an ideal time to sell. Please reach out for a detailed analysis of current market trends in your particular neighborhood.

Interested in investing or selling Park City Real Estate? Contact Broker Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966.

Park City Real Estate Market Statistics - First Quarter

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
May 08, 2014

Real Estate activity in the greater Park City area has not yet returned to pre-recession levels but we are definitely on the re-bound and are moving in the right direction with the number of closed sales in the first quarter of 2014 being the highest since 2007.

While it may seem counter intuitive, in Park City our first quarter statistics are typically lower than might be expected. Second home buyers in town during ski season typically use the season to shop available inventory, making purchase decisions after April when the resorts close and inventory is more available for showings after the nightly guests are out of the equation.

In the past months new product has been in high demand and most of it is currently located in the Jordanelle area where you can get a nice new product in the $400,000 range. In the first quarter of 2014, single-family home sales in the Jordanelle area increased by 75 percent from the first quarter in 2013 while condominium sales increased by 37 percent. Only a few vacant lots are still available in the Jordanelle area. Furthermore, we have seen a lot of interest in areas such as Park Meadows and Snyderville Basin. Snyderville Basin includes Silver Creek, Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook and Kimball Junction. The Snyderville Basin area has had the highest number of vacant land sales with 42 to date, and condominium sales in the area increased by 20 percent from last year.

While Old Town is seeing a decrease in sales, the numbers are still higher than in any other Park City neighborhood. Between December 1 and April 7 of this year 12 homes and 62 condos sold as well as three lots. The median price for a single family home in the Old Town area has reached $1.1 million, which may account for the decrease in sales. However, the median price for a single family home in the Park Meadows area decreased by three percent to $1,255,000, which could have contributed to the 16 percent increase in sales. Park Meadows has also seen 12 home sales, nine condo sales and one lot sale.

In the Deer Valley real estate area Empire Pass and Upper Deer Valley saw the most activity this ski season. Empire Pass had 1 home sale, 15 condos sales and currently has eight more condos pending. Upper Deer Valley on the other hand has had 12 condo sales, four home sales in the price range of 2.95-12.5 and 2 more pending.

Promontory is still selling strong with 11 home sales, 21 lot sales and 16 pending listings.

Median prices for single-family homes in primarily residential areas like Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook and Trailside increased to $725,000, $688,000 and $529,250, respectively.

Inventory is still at a historic low. We are seeing an increasing demand in Park City area real estate but not enough new product.

Low inventory continues to have significant impact on our marketplace. Inventory is down 10% YOY, but on a positive note inventory levels rose towards the end of the quarter to 9.7 months, up from 7.9%. We anticipate additional increases as the spring primary housing market is heating up. The average absorption rate is between 5-6 months.

Contact Steve Blankenship for more detailed information on your neighborhood.

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10 New Residences Just Released at Stein Eriksen Residences

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Mar 24, 2014

Do you love Stein Eriksen Lodge but can never snag up a unit when they rarely hit the market? Become part of the new generation of Stein Eriken. The Stein Eriksen Residences will be located at Silver Lake Drive - 1 Mile from Stein Eriksen Lodge on Silver Dollar Ski Run off Last Chance.

Contact me today for more information and the process of how to secure a condo or home at Stein Eriksen Residences.

Park City Real Estate Market - Review 2013

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Feb 11, 2014

After analyzing the sales numbers for both homes, condos and land in the Park City area, the Park City Board of Realtors is happy to announce that the Park City real estate market has seen 2,230 sales in 2013 up 22 percent from the previous year and double the sales of 2009. We have seen a steady appreciation of seven percent over 2012 and there is a high demand for Park City property in all price ranges. The only problem - inventory is at an all-time low.

Park City Homes

Jeremy Ranch topped the sales list of 2013. A total of 73 single-family homes sold ranging between $325,000 and $2.857 million closely followed by Old Town with 68 homes sales, Silver Springs with 58 and Park Meadows with 56. Currently the average time to sell a home is 7.4 months. However, many homes in Trailside and Silver Springs have sold a lot faster.

Overall the total dollar volume for single family homes was the highest it has been since 2006. Inside the Park City Limits, the number of sales was up 12 percent and the median sold price reached $1,257,000 which is a 17percent increase over 2012. Demand is strong in Old Town with a 45 percent increase in the number of sales. Park Meadows is up eight percent in the number of sales compared to 2012 with a nice median price increase of 22 percent reaching $1,317,500.

In the Snyderville Basin area, sales were up 12 percent with a median price increase of nine percent. Silver Springs leaped 76 percent in the number of sales compared to 2012 and the median sales price increased 12 percent to $697,500. Jeremy Ranch sales have been up 26 percent over 2012 reaching a median sales price of $725,000. Trailside Park is up in the number of sales compared to 2012 by 53 percent with a median price increase to $520,000.

Park City Condos

Old Town was one of the most active areas in 2013 with 157 condos sold ranging from $121,000 to $2.5 million followed by 99 condo sales in Deer Valley (all areas), 75 at the Canyons and 73 at Kimball Junction. Pinebrook is another area of interest with a 33 percent increase in the quantity sold and a healthy 19 percent price increase to $322,500.

Vacant Land

We have seen 48 lots sales within the Park City Limits, 160 in Snyderville Basin, 45 at Jordanelle Reservoir and 16 in Jeremy Ranch. Land sales in Snyderville Basin increased 40 percent with a median price of $274,500. The Jordanelle area had the highest spike in the number of lot sales, up 105 percent to last year’s number with a median sales price of $145,000.

Distressed Sales

Distressed sales have declined to the point where "they are no longer a factor in our market".

For a more detailed analysis on your neighborhood contact Steve Blankenship at 435-602-9976.


Stein Eriksen Residences: Selling Fast!!

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Feb 04, 2014

Stein Eriksen Residences are selling like hot cakes. The new Upper Deer Valley real estate project started taking reservations less than one month ago when it released its first phase with 8 Homes ranging from approximately 5,000 to 6,000 square feet and 18 Condominium Residences ranging from approximately 2,100 to 5,000 square feet. There are ONLY 2 Homes and 3 Condominium Residences remaining in Phase One. Second Phase Pricing will begin once all Homes and Condominium Residences are under reservation!

Please contact Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966 for more details on Stein Eriksen Residences and let's submit your reservation for one of the luxury ski-in ski-out residences.

Update 2/11/14: SER currently has 21 reservations and just started selling Phase 2. Inquire about Buyer Incentives today!

Stein Eriksen Residences Stein Eriksen Residences1 Stein Eriksen Residences-Amenities

Park City, Utah’s Top 5 Most Expensive Properties sold in 2013

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Jan 12, 2014

1.   1401 Two Creeks Circle, Park City, UT - $12,450,000

This amaz1401 Two Creeks Circle Park City Utahing property was only on the market for a short period before it sold for a remarkable $12,450,000. Built in 2008, this 8,503 square foot home sits on 7.34 aces in the Old Ranch Road neighborhood of Park City, UT. This home has everything you can wish for - 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, Venetian plaster and custom stone, floor-to-ceiling windows, creek frontage, a wine cellar, theater room, exercise room, guest house, custom ski locker room, horse corrals and extraordinary ski run views.

2.   Hawkeye Pl, Deer Valley, UT - $10,600,000

1 Hawkeye Pl Deer Valley

This home on Empire Pass in Deer Valley was voted #1 of the most spectacular ski homes and sold for $10,600,000. The estate is nestled within evergreens in one of the most exclusive areas of Park City, Utah. Situated adjacent to the ski runs this estate features 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, 10 fireplaces, an exercise and massage room, wine cellar, game room, steam room, theater, a golf simulator room and a chefs kitchen.


3.   6808 Silver Lake Drive, Deer Valley, UT – Undisclosed6808 Silver Lake Drive Deer Valley

This home was listed for $8,600,000 and sold for an undisclosed sales price this year.  Nestled within evergreens in Upper Deer Valley this ski home has 5 bed, 7 baths on 11,956 square feet as well as a wine cellar, fitness and ski prep room.


 4.   2750 Meadow Creek, Park City, UT - $8,000,000

2707 Meadow Creek Park City A property this size is rare to find. This mansion sits on 7.08 acres and is close to the Park Meadows Golf & Country Club in the heart of Park City, Utah. It offers 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, tiered ponds and waterfalls.


5.   503 Woodside Ave, Park City, UT - $7,973,920503 Woodside Park City Utah

This ski-in, ski-out estate is truly amazing. Situated hillside in Old Town, Park City – it offers 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 11 fireplaces and a mix of  wood beams, stone, metal accents reminiscent of the mines that inspired the estate.


For more information on Park City real estate contact Associate Broker Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966.

Canyons Real Estate - Golf Course Update

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Nov 04, 2013

As most of you know by now, Vail is now operating Canyons Resort. With many perks for season pass holders Vail will soon bring changes to the area. All summer the resort has been working hard on improving road conditions and on finishing their 18-hole golf course. The section close to 224 is nearing completion while other sections still need a good amount of work. Buyers are getting excited for the area to thrive and many condos sell fast. The golf course is set to open late 2014.

Canyons Real Estate statistics (January 1 - November 4, 2013)
  • 5 Homes have sold / 3 are pending
  • 61 Condos have sold / 13 are pending
  • 18 Lots sold / 1 is pending

Inquire about the best options for you today! Contact Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966 for more information or a property tour of Canyons Resort Homes, Colony Lots for Sale or one of the Golf and Ski condos at the Canyons.

Canyons Real Estate Golf Course


Park City Real Estate - Third Quarter Report 2013

By The ParkCityInvestor Team
Nov 04, 2013

Quick overview of the current Park City Real Estate market.

Park City Real Estate Market Statistics

Numbers are by the Park City Board of Realtors (11/1/2013).

Google by Steve Blankenship

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